Sentryc Seek

With Sentryc Seek’s innovative search function you can detect replicas of your products, uncover unauthorised retailers on online marketplaces and have undesired offers deleted with one click.


Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you: Our dashboard shows you all features, such as reports, statistics, heat maps and an overview of all work processes, so you can stay on top of what’s happening with your products on the web.

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Retailer Monitoring

Use our search tool to determine exactly by who and how your products are being sold online. Track down unauthorised retailers, monitor re-sellers and detect imitations and replicas of your products.

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Sentryc Seek’s most popular feature, the one-click-takedown, allows you to initiate the removal of an unauthorised product with one single click.

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Stay on top of things with our notification feature: set notifications for specified cases in which you would like to receive an email and never miss what’s happening with your products.

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Should you detect improper use, contact the responsible online retailer straight away via email and instantly wipe out errors.

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Leave comments right in the dashboard to inform your colleagues and other users about detection of incorrect use or other issues.

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Project Management

Are any of your products depicted incorrectly especially often, meaning you constantly need to monitor their usage? You can save time by sorting your images into boards for separate searches and won’t have to upload and arrange them from afresh every time.

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Use the flagging feature to colour tag certain results and mark important notifications, so you can always find them again.

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